Our Company Profile

The company is founded by Michael Pendlebury  a bespoke tailor from Manchester, also better known as ' The Denim Doctor'

Michael has been a bespoke tailor since the age of 16 working with his father at James Personal Tailor & Son in Manchester city centre, where they make Savile Row quality type bespoke suits for there clients.

Michael is a keen denim fanatic and found a niche in the market for a expert denim jean professional, specialising in denim jean restoration and repairs. (check out www.TheDenimDoctor.co.uk for more info) and has a huge following from all over the UK and Europe.

Over the time of restoring and repairing denim jeans for his customers, he did come across some people who couldnt justfie spending around £20-25 in restoring / repairing there denim jeans with him.

So with lots of research and trial and tests of fabrics and adhesives he came up with the perfect DIY denim repair kits for people to use at home and designed exclusively for the home user with limited tools and knowledge.