Welcome to our diy / do it yourself before and after repair examples page.

The first few examples are at different stages so you have an idea of how the repair process works.

Before with the start of a large hole in the knee on these G star womens jeans

Next stage trim off excess loose threads

Then turn jeans inside out and mark off area that needs the piece of cotton/denim re-enforcement. 
Notice to go beyond the actual hole as the opp sides of the hole are weak and going thin.
Normally 2 - 3 inchs either side of the damage is fine.

Next step, take your DIY denim repair piece and trim down to size if needed, then place over the marked off areas.
Then with the iron on the hottest setting iron over the top areas of the new piece you have added.
You need to use plenty of steam to activate the bonding adhesive.

Turn correct way around and hey presto !!! like magic repaired and re-enforced.
Not only is the hole now closed but the area above and below it is also much stronger for future wear.

Another pair of womens G Star jeans saved

Next example a pair of  mens Edwin selvedge denim with a knee hole

First stage, trim off any loose threads

Turn inside out, then mark around the areas, again 2 - 3 inchs either side as the denim has gone thin.

Now its marked off place the new piece around your chalk marks and then iron over with plenty of steam to activate the adhesive.

Turn right way round and all repaired and re-enforced, good for a fair few more wears yet :)

Next up, ladies denim jeans which had split on the rear next to the pocket seam, common on ladies jeans with elastine in them ( like J Brand, All Man Kind, G Star, basically all the ones that fit nicely due to being slighty stretchy )

turn inside out and mark off arear that needs the repair and re-enforcement.

Place the patch over your chalk markings and iron over with plenty of steam to activate the adhesive of the new piece you have added.

Turn right way round and all sorted, hole / rip is a lot less noticable and the surrounding denim is now re-enforced for future wear :)

Next up a very common problem all jeans seem to get at some point in there life, the dreaded crotch / crutch blow out !!!

Turn inside out and chalk mark off around the area, again around 1.5-2 inchs around the hole.

After the iron pressing part as shown in the other examples, turn right way round and then its finished.
Holes are now alot better and re-enforced denim behind. 
Will prolong the life of these denim jeans alot longer and stop that annoying hole getting worse.

Next up another dreaded crotch / crutch blow out, before large hole on left side and just starting on the right hand side.

First off trim off any loose threads

Then after placing  the new pieces inside, iron and steam into place, then turn inside out.
Alot better than before and all re-enforced for future wear.