The Idea Behind The Do It Yourself Denim Repair Kits

Well after being a tailor for over 15 years and working in the industry for so many years i found lots of people really do get attached to there clothing and especially denim jeans.
I think everyone has at least one pair of denim jeans in the back of the wardrobe they just dont want to throw away but dont want to wear them anymore due to the denim detearating with age and going thin eventually the fibres in the jean go thin and snap causing nasty looking holes. Back in 1980's that may have been cool, but we have moved on a lot since then :)
So after setting up The Denim Doctor website and denim restoration service i was getting lots of denim jeans via the post and after filming the tv series/show with Dawn O'Porter for Channel 4. I was realising people do want to get there denim jeans fixed but if you are on a budget and want to fix them you are limited to either using the very thick patches you can buy from the super market or local habdashery store or using a local seamstress/dry cleaners to do the work for you.
So after much trialing of different weights of denim fabrics and adhesives i came up with the perfect combernation.
Not just one colour, but three colours and not just one weight but three different weights, so with 9 different weight of denim and colour combo's to choose from this will ensure a much better repair outcome than using those horrible stiff thick denim patches.
All tried and tested to be washing machine proof, so they dont come off !!! :)
There you have it the DIY Denim Repair Kits were born to help you get that extra wear out of those favourite denim jeans.

We do offer full denim jean restoration services via my Denim Doctor Website for those jeans that are in extremely bad condition or ones you think deserve that extra level of care only a professional could give.