Welcome to Do It Yourself DIY Denim Repair Kits Website, here to help you carry out professional level denim jean repairs that will last not just a few weeks but months or even years down the line.

How many times has your favorite pair of denim jeans blown out a hole in the crutch, crotch, inner thigh, knee areas. More times than you can remember ? How many times have you binned that favorite pair of old denim jeans just because they had gone thin and worn out in a few places. Well now you solve that problem and not only to a decent standard, but one that will feel comfortable and not just come off after one wash in the washing machine.

Yes we sell DIY Denim Repair Kits, but these are not to be confused with the god awful very thick  and wrong sized / colour denim repair patches you get from a local supermarket or haberdashery store, our repair kits are easy to use and come in large sizes enough to tackle the worst of crutch or knew blow outs !!

Not only are they much larger pieces that we give you, we also offer you 4 colours to choose from and 3 different weights of denim repair pieces. So that's 12 different combinations you can choose from to ensure you get the right colour match and the right weight.

Weight choices include, light weight for women's elastane type denim, makes such as All Man Kind, J Brand, True Religion are all made from the stretchy elastane type denim that fits well but is prone to ripping.   

Medium weight for the most popular jeans such as Levis, Diesel, G Star etc.... for women's or men's denim jeans.

Heavy weight for the real purists jeans such as Iron Heart, Samurai, any selvedge denim over 18oz in weight for a very durable repair.  ( this weight is also useful for repair to work wear pants such as Snickers, Docker's Dickie's, Devalut etc..)

Anyhow check out the site and watch the how to videos and pictures, the kits are designed to be very easy use with just a house hold iron needed to activate the denim repair pieces and a little guidance on the videos to help you on your way.

Thank you for visiting, Michael.  The Denim Doctor




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The denim repair kits will work on many makes of jeans such as Levis, Wrangler, G Star, True Religion, Nudie, Edwin, Gustin, Ironheart, Lee, 7 for all mankind, J Brand, Gap, Armani, A.P.C


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