How To Do, Do It Yourself DIY Denim Jean Repairs

Please view the below videos and pictures for a step by step guide on how to repair your jeans yourself in a DIY method using our superb do it yourself DIY denim jean repair kit

Large rip in rear seat /pocket area on these ladies denim jeans

Turn inside out and measure / chalk off around the rip and slightly more either side of this to re enforce the area as well as the actual rip. Then you can cut out the desired denim / cotton pieces to the correct sizes needed.

Place the denim / cotton adhesive side down on the denim jeans, once placed around your chalk marks and you are happy its covered the rip and re enforced the surrounding area its ready for the next step.
Now get the iron to its highest heat setting and make sure its got plenty of water inside, leave the iron on for a few minutes to let it reach optimum heat level.
So its now onto the bonding process, with your denim / cotton repair piece in situation carefully place your iron over this and steam over the piece slowly side to side and cover all the areas.

Once its cooled down its now time to see the results !!! and its that simple :)
Your favorite denim jeans, saved to fight another day !!!

For future use, its best to wash them on a lower temperature setting to prolong the repair patch from coming away slightly on the egdes. It's rare but if washed on higher temperature this can happen, don't worry with a quick iron again this will go back in place.
If you have any queries on aftercare please drop me an email or call, i am always here to help :)