Frequently Asked Questions

1: How long will the repair last ?

The repair kits are designed to be used as a temporary solution for a hole, rip or worn out area, with correct application they should last around 12 months of usage. (But we have heard of them lasting even longer than this)

2: My jeans are really bad and the holes are huge can you do custom repair kits

Answer is yes we can, but the larger the holes, rips or worn out area that needs repairing it does become more difficult for someone with limited skills to get it correct. Our kits work best to the most typical areas such as the crutch, lower seat, inner thighs, upper thighs and knee areas. Full front of jeans needing very large piece are really best left to a professional or someone with a intermediate level of DIY craft skills.

3: What happens if i am struggling with the DIY repair process, do you offer any help over the phone.

Our step by step videos will help you over the DIY denim repair process, but if you are still not sure of anything please feel free to call us anytime between the hours of 10am till 5pm. Monday - Saturday and we will gladly help.

4: Ive seen cheaper denim repair patches at my local haberdashery do you price match ?

Sorry our DIY denim jean repair kits are unique to the market as you can choose your correct colour and weight, plus it contains everything you need for the process not just a couple of thick dark navy denim patches with thick glue. Plus we are always on the end of the phone to help you :) 

5: How should i wash my denim jeans once repaired ?

This is a great question and one of the most popular, as the denim repair pieces are activated by the extreme heat of the iron to bond the repair pieces onto the denim jean, its best not to try and re activate this by putting your denim jeans in the hottest wash possible. A moderate heat setting of 40 or below is fine.

For future use, its best to wash them on a lower temperature setting to prolong the repair patch from coming away slightly on the egdes. It's rare but if washed on higher temperature this can happen, don't worry with a quick iron again this will go back in place.

If you have any queries on aftercare please drop me an email or call, i am always here to help :)